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CUPE 561 members ratify contract with First Transit, ending Fraser Valley transit strike

CUPE 561 members ratify contract with First Transit, ending Fraser Valley transit strike

ABBOTSFORD—In votes held after membership meetings today, CUPE 561 transit workers have ratified a mediated settlement with First Transit, ending a strike that began 124 days ago. Picket lines are being taken down, and the 213 transit workers will begin the return-to-work process.

The six-year agreement, which ends on March 31, 2026, narrows the wage gap with other transit workers in the region while introducing a pension plan that takes effect next spring. The union says it’s a step in the right direction and recognizes the importance of these members’ work.

“Our members needed a lift, and with this agreement they got one,” said CUPE 561 President Randy Kootte.

“Special Mediator Vince Ready’s recommendations were a fair compromise, providing us with a foundation for future rounds of bargaining. By ratifying this memorandum of settlement, the members agree that this contract is a good start in addressing their concerns.”

As well as appreciating the Special Mediator’s efforts, Kootte thanked Fraser Valley residents for their constant support of the union’s bargaining goals from the beginning of the strike.

“We cannot thank our communities enough for supporting us in our struggle to achieve wage fairness and retirement security—and showing that support despite the many hardships and inconveniences people had to endure as the dispute dragged on,” he said.

Kootte added that the union will do everything it can to quickly resume service in the Fraser Valley and will work with the employer to make sure that buses are running as soon as possible.


SD44: Student and Family Affordability Fund

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To support students and their families who are feeling challenged with the rising costs of living, the Ministry of Education and Child Care has provided the North Vancouver School District with one-time targeted, special grant funding through the 2022-2023 Student and Family Affordability Fund. Unspent funds will be carried over into the 2023-2024 school year for principals to waive fees and provide supports to students experiencing financial challenge as noted below.

Funding support available

​Funding support is meant to offset increased cost of living expenses and will be allocated toward school-related expenses incurred during the 2022-2023 school year.

Eligible expenses include:

  • School fees (e.g., fees for school sports and other school activities)
  • School/course supplies, such as:
    • Basic school supplies that may otherwise be purchased by families and students, such as pens, paper, etc.
    • Additional supplies for shop, culinary and craft classes, workbooks, camps, one-day field trips, cultural events, student society meetings including those related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and instrument and equipment fees.
  • Clothing/footwear required for school sports or other school activities
  • Basic necessities
  • Athletic wear (for school athletics)
  • One-day field trips


CUPE 389 – District of North Vancouver Bargaining Update July 4, 2023

Your bargaining committee is disappointed to report that we have not made any progress towards a new collective agreement.

The District has shown little interest in having meaningful discussions about your bargaining priorities. They ended our June 23 meeting early and cancelled our June 30 meeting at the last minute at 5:22 pm the night before.

This is a clear indication that the employer is unwilling to make this round of negotiations a priority. Instead of negotiating and working to make improvements to the workplace, the District continues to say no to even the most mutually beneficial and zero cost proposals.

Currently, we have no additional bargaining dates scheduled with the District.

Your bargaining committee has repeatedly requested dates over the summer but the employer has stated their committee is unavailable. Negotiations are not scheduled to resume until the fall.

We remain committed to negotiating a collective agreement that addresses your key priorities and is in line with other settlements in our region. You and your co-workers deserve a collective agreement that recognizes and respects your contributions as dedicated employees.

Without real progress, we must start exploring options to get movement from the Employer on our priorities.

To keep updated on this round of negotiations please make sure CUPE Local 389 has your personal email. Please visit our website here to update your contact info if needed.

If you have any questions, please ensure you attend our membership meetings. We hold them on Zoom for easy access and you can find all the dates on our website.

Fraser Valley Transit Workers Need Your Help

Transit workers in the Fraser Valley are on strike for fair wages and a fair pension.

These workers, who ensure everyone in our communities has an affordable, safe, and reliable way to travel, make 32% less than other transit operators in our region, and have no pension benefits.

Fraser Valley transit workers need a fair deal: one that ensures they don’t need to work a second or third job just to make ends meet, and one that provides an ability to retire after a career spent getting Fraser Valley residents where they need to go.

The foreign-owned, for-profit contractor hired by BC Transit to provide service to our community has failed. They refuse to pay workers what other transit operators in region are paid, putting their profits before the needs of transit workers and riders and our community.

It is time for BC Transit and our elected decision-makers to take responsibility for the failure of their contractor, and do the right thing to support transit users and workers.

Please Visit:

CUPE 389 – District of North Vancouver Bargaining Update June 28

We wanted to provide a brief update on bargaining with the District of North Vancouver on Friday, June 23 for our 8th session of bargaining.

We went into the day with a plan agreed to by the District. This plan was meant to pave the way towards much needed meaningful progress in bargaining.

Instead, the Employer came with an ultimatum that undermined this plan. They then cancelled the rest of the day after meeting for only 90 minutes.

CUPE 389 has been clear with our desire for productive negotiations. Your bargaining committee is committed to exchanging proposals with the District we believe are mutually beneficial. Our proposals would improve the Employer’s ability to recruit and retain skilled and experienced employees, while providing fair concrete improvements for you – our members. The Employer, however, has opposed this at every mention, and continues to be unwilling to take your bargaining priorities seriously.

While this past session was discouraging for your bargaining committee, we remain committed to meaningful discussions and making progress towards a new collective agreement.

We will be keeping the pressure on the District for more open and productive discussion at our next scheduled meeting this Friday, June 30.  We will send out an update on how that meeting went shortly after.

To keep updated on this round of negotiations please make sure CUPE Local 389 has your personal email. Please visit our website here to update your contact info if needed.

If you have any questions, please ensure you attend our membership meetings. We hold them on Zoom for easy access and you can find all the dates on our website.

DNV Bargaining Committee

CUPE 389 – City of North Vancouver Bargaining Update June 28

We wanted to provide a brief update on bargaining for City of North Vancouver members.

Your bargaining committee met for the 2nd time with the City of North Vancouver on June 20th for a full day at the table – the first of three scheduled for June.

We are pleased to report that the meeting was extremely positive and productive for both sides. Our time was respected, and the actions of all the employer’s representatives demonstrated they are making significant efforts to hear our members’ concerns. We appreciate that the Employer is working collaboratively, and believe they are evolving with us to be more progressive.

Your bargaining committee is confident that the City is taking an approach to bargaining that can lead us to a fair collective agreement – one that addresses your priorities and is comparable to other settlements in our region.

We want to thank our members for their support as we are in bargaining. We will have another update for CUPE 389 City of North Vancouver members shortly following our Thursday, June 29 meeting.

To keep updated on this round of negotiations please make sure CUPE Local 389 has your personal email. Please visit our website here to update your contact info if needed.

If you have any questions, please ensure you attend our membership meetings. We hold them on Zoom for easy access and you can find all the dates on our website.


CNV Bargaining Committee

CUPE Pride Reading List

It is no secret that queer and trans communities have been facing unrelenting abuse, violence, and harassment over the past few years from highly organized and well-funded far-right groups. This is not just a problem south of the border. Across Canada, hateful actions directed at queer spaces and bodies are leaving members of 2SLGBTQI+ communities fearing for their safety and the safety of their children.

From drag story time protests, to public and school library book challenges, to anti-Pride demonstrations at schools, to government legislation that will hurt queer kids, to the refusal to fly the Pride flag in some municipalities – attacks on 2SLGBTQI+ communities have reached a crisis point.

We must all turn our hearts and minds to defending and supporting 2SLGBTQI+ communities and their hard-fought rights.  One of the first steps is education – educating ourselves and those around us. Books provide an immediate gateway to knowledge and learning that can help to combat misinformation and intolerance.

Besides being repositories of free knowledge and information, public libraries also serve as safe spaces for everyone.  They seek to represent the diversity of voices in their communities through their collections and programming.  Many anti-Pride and transphobic actions have been directed at libraries. As a result, library workers are on the frontline of defense against right-wing attempts to control freedom of expression and to erode our cherished public services.

CUPE celebrates public libraries and everything they and library workers provide to our communities. With this reading list, we hope to show that we support Pride year-round, and stand in solidarity with CUPE library workers, 2SLGBTQI+ members, and the struggles they face.

The books on this list feature stories of empowerment and the pursuit of equality. Due to the subject matter, some titles will contain content that may be emotionally challenging to some readers.  Try accessing these titles at the local branch of your public library. If they’re not part of your library’s collection, ask the library to obtain a copy through inter-library loan or by buying a copy so it can be broadly available for future readers.

Introducing the New Password-Protected Section on Our Website!

Dear CUPE Local 389,


We are excited to announce a significant update to our union’s website that aims to enhance the security and confidentiality of our valuable resources. Today, we are launching a brand new password-protected section, exclusively designed for our esteemed union members.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, safeguarding our information has become imperative. With this in mind, we have taken a proactive step towards strengthening the security measures of our online platform. The password-protected section will allow us to securely share essential union-related materials, such as meeting minutes, exclusive reports, and other confidential documents.

To access the password-protected section, you will need to follow a few simple steps:

Visit our union’s website at
Enter the  password provided in the email.

Please note that this new section is exclusively accessible to active CUPE Local 389 union members. The email containing the password has been sent to those we have current contact information, if you become aware of any members who did not receive this email, please have them contact  to have their contact information updated. Upon update of information, the union will send the information to enter the members only section. The password is not to be provided to anyone other than by the union, to ensure we can verify the member.  The information on the webpage is for the sole use of CUPE Local 389 members only, and as such, is bound by confidentiality. Its contents (including any attachments) are confidential and may contain privileged information.  Upon entering the site, you are in agreement with this confidentiality clause and will abide by it.  Again, the information is confidential and is intended only for the member entering the members only section. By doing so, we can collectively ensure the privacy and security of our digital environment.

We believe that this upgrade will significantly improve our ability to share important updates, maintain transparency and foster effective communication within our union community. We encourage you to explore the password-protected section regularly to stay informed and engaged in the union’s activities.

Should you encounter any difficulties during the login process or have any questions regarding the new section, please feel free to reach out at johnny.tran.. We are here to assist you and address any concerns you may have.

We appreciate your continued dedication to our union and the valuable contributions you make. Together, we can work towards a stronger, more secure, and prosperous future.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to your active participation in the password-protected section of our website.