CUPE 389

About Us

CUPE Local 389 was certified under the Labour Code of British Columbia in 1940 as the North Vancouver Civic Employees.  At the time, Unions received their charters often from the Federation of Labour directly.  The Local played a prominent role in the National Union of Public Employees, until the creation of CUPE in 1963. Harry Green, an activist for a very long time, was instrumental in the early days of the development of CUPE. Local 389 has always taken progressive positions on union and political issues of the day.

That means that in our Union, we believed in the equality of all persons long before it became fashionable; we fought for due process, and for principles of fundamental natural justice to be enshrined in all admin and legal proceedings, long before the Canadian constitution, and we continue advocating for our members, their interests, and the interests of all Canadians.  

What makes Unions different than other organizations is that all of the things which today form a part of an expectation all workers have – overtime pay, max working week of 40 hours, fairness in pay, provision of benefits and pensions, OHS & Safety, etc. were first won at bargaining tables for union members, before they were adopted by legislatures under minimum employment standards statutes. Because work is so central to life, and because work is fundamentally undignified, since it consists of an exercise of involuntary power of a master over servants, such imbalance of power, and the threat to human dignity posed by the exercise of limited ownership of another human being, require constant balancing and negotiations as ownership of other human beings is slavery. 

CUPE Local 389 is a labour union representing approximately  2500 members in the North Vancouver region. It holds Collective Agreements for employees working for:

The employees of different employers form one bargaining unit with their own collective agreement.  All are represented on the Executive Board of the Union both collectively and individually, with all members voting for Table Officer positions, and each unit electing their own representatives.

We are a long time affiliate of the Canadian Labour Congress, the BC Federation of Labour, the Vancouver & District Labour Council, the New Westminster & District Labour Council, and through CUPE National, are affiliates of the Public Services International Federation.

We are not one story – we are many stories of many people – and would love to tell your story about work: send your stories and ideas to our office through the contact page.

Charity Work

We have supported, and continue to support, countless causes and relief efforts.  In 2021 alone, we donated $10,000 toward the relief efforts caused by the devastating wildfires and floods in the province of BC.

Prior to the pandemic, we have hosted an annual community Seniors Tea, with entertainment and traditional English High Tea for seniors on the North Shore.

We have donated approx $20,000 annually to support various charitable organizations, community groups and social causes.

The union contributes $6000.00 to NVSD schools to help support food programs and anti-bullying campaigns. Six (6) schools within the district receive $1000.00 each.

The union also offers ten (10) scholarships for students, as well five (5) scholarships for adults for higher learning.