Steward Courses Brochure

Stewards are encouraged to take additional courses beyond the Introduction to Stewarding.

Grievance Fact Sheet

Stewards are reminded that Managers are our partners, rather than our enemies, and should be treated with respect.  Grievances are to be processed in a manner that is not hostile, or personalizes what should be a process disagreement into a disagreement that denigrates, demeans or disrespects any person.

CLC Steward Handbook

The Canadian Labour Congress is the main body of Canadian Labour and so this handbook is general information stewards from all different unions can benefit from, but specific processes may differ and each Union and Local may have their own slightly different approaches.

CUPE Steward Handbook

Shop Stewards are reminded that the National Steward Handbook is for information purposes only and that different CUPE locals may have different internal procedures.