CUPE 389 MEMBERS GIVE A HOOT! -Feel good story #1

November 2022- while working around St. George’s and 15th Street, my work partner Mike D. and I noticed a large bird trying to land on a branch along the street, but for some reason it just couldn’t. As we got closer, we realized that it was a barn owl and it likely had been hit by a vehicle.


We quickly grabbed the owl as it was now motionless lying on the road, called our Supervisor and asked if we could take it to the ASPCA in West Van. Once we arrived the staff quickly attended to the bird and subsequently called the Owl society. He was in real bad shape, and everyone was worried he wasn’t going to make it.


January 30th 2023- We received a phone call from the Owl Society that they were coming over to release the female owl since she made full recovery. She looks amazing!!!! CNV Patrick and Mike D.