CUPE 389

Urgent: Hiring Custodians for the North Vancouver School District!

School District #44: North Vancouver has many positions available for Custodial staff at its many elementary and secondary schools! 

Most of the positions have casual hours leading to full-time employment for those who wish to become full-time, or, those who wish to retain the flexibility of working casual hours as a part-time job can benefit from additional income and flexibility!

The current pay is $23.93 + 14% in lieu of benefits, or $27.28/hr (2021 rate).  The new negotiated rate that will be implemented is $25.00/hr + 14% in lieu or $28.50/hr. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a good job with fair pay with flexibility or opportunity to become full-time in a short period, please apply!  The Building Service Worker certification is considered an asset, but IS NOT REQUIRED AT THIS TIME, and candidates will be provided with on-job orientation, though experience in similar work is an asset.