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CUPE Today for Tuesday, October 10, 2023

CUPE statement on violence in Palestine and Israel
CUPE grieves the loss of life brought by the recent escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine. We are horrified by the Hamas attack on Israel and the retribution by the State of Israel on the people of Palestine, and condemn all acts of violence against innocent civilians. We recognize that many Canadians are terrified for their loved ones and we offer heartfelt condolences to all affected families and communities.
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CUPE condemns Saskatchewan government attack on constitutional rights
CUPE condemns the Saskatchewan government’s attacks on constitutional rights to ram through anti-trans and anti-worker legislation. In August, Saskatchewan introduced legislation that would require education workers to inform parents when a student uses a different name or pronoun at school, putting queer and trans young people at risk of potential violence and isolation in their homes. Forcing education workers to out youth creates a hostile work environment for 2SLGBTQI+ staff and opens all workers up to potential discipline when they defy the policy, to protect vulnerable students.

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Community Living Guelph Wellington cuts will hurt communities
After a year of bargaining, and right as workers have begun building momentum towards a fair and necessary deal, Community Living Guelph Wellington, CLGW, has cried poverty and announced closures and layoffs that will hurt workers, people supported, and families.

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